10 ideal Episodes that American Dragon: Jake Long, Ranked regardless of its controversial computer animation style adjust American Dragon: Jake Long is among the many beloved mirrors from the mid-2000s Disney Channel lineup.

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American Dragon: Jake Long to be an American cartoon series created for the Disney Channel during the mid-2000s. The present revolved roughly the titular Jake long who might transform into a dragon, many thanks to his family members bloodline, and also is tasked through protecting the line between the miracle world and also the mundane world. Specifically from the clutches the the angry Huntsclan.

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The collection featured one interesting cast of sustaining characters, from Spud and also Trixie, Jake"s human being friends that eventually find his secret, and Rose, Jake"s love interest and also the alter-ego of the knevish Huntsgirl. The cartoon was recognized for its drastic change in arts style in between the 2 seasons.

American Dragon Jake long Jasmine
Jake tells his crush climbed that he has actually a day for one upcoming dance. Looking in ~ the wonder world, Jake asks out a beautiful girl who turns out to be a nix. Ignoring she warning to leave at a unique curfew, she comes into her complete powers and also tries come steal everyone"s souls.

This is additionally the episode that introduces the Magus Bazaar, a mythological marketplace that would appear throughout the series. Spud and also Trixie switching body at the finish was also pretty funny.

American Dragon Jake lengthy Jersey Devil
Jake and his friends walk camping in brand-new Jersey. While Jake contends through his clumsy father embarrassing him, part fairies inquiry his help against the Jersey Devil. Meanwhile, Jake"s mother and also sister finish up having actually to to escape a prison-like boot camp after missing a bus to a spa.

In the end, Jake"s dad stop the Jersey Devil and is hailed as a hero through the fairy villages of brand-new Jersey. It"s additionally interesting to see new Jersey and also its regional folklore get representation in a Disney cartoon.

American Dragon Jake lengthy Wizard
A beauty challenge is being hosted for superordinary creatures by an evil wizard. Jake and also his gang shot to infiltrate the pageant, yet their mole, an attractive spider-woman, gets hurt at the last second. Fu Dog is compelled to take it her place at the critical second. Along the way, it turns out the evil wizard needs to marry the most beautiful creature to rise his dark powers.

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Fu Dog wins yet he it s okay rescued by the other contestants. In the end, anyone learns a an excellent lesson about respecting women.

7 In "Bring the On" Gorgons shot To Take over The civilization With Cheerleading

American Dragon Jake long Gorgons
one of Medusa"s sister is restored to life and also schemes to revive her sisters in an angry plot entailing the school"s cheerleaders. In order to protect against her, Trixie has to infiltrate the squad.

Eventually, Trixie realizes the means to protect against the gorgons is to turn them versus each other. Every she requirements to perform is repeat them the Medusa is the just one anyone has ever heard of and the three take each other out because that the heroes.

Jake becomes rivals through a British kid wizard called Nigel and also the 2 run for student body president. Jake tries to obtain an benefit using a mind-reading helmet that enables him to tap right into what the college student body yes, really wants. Unfortunately, it brings around a vengeful ogre versus the school.

In the end, Nigel and also Jake team increase to save the day and it"s pretty to see Jake ultimately get a help hand native the magical community. Meanwhile, Spud and also Trixie end up co-presidents when trying come cover because that Jake. It"s a happy finishing all around.

5 In "Shaggy Frog" Spud turns Into Teen Wolf (But with Frogs)

Spud is beginning to feel useless and wants to it is in special prefer Jake and also his wish is granted once he gets bitten by a magical frog, transforming him into a werefrog. Through his brand-new abilities, like heightened jumping abilities and also vocal tricks, he shortly becomes renowned at school, yet soon finds himself the target top top the Huntsclan.

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In the end, Spud is do to take an antidote to change back come normal, yet Spud learn he deserve to be a hero just by being himself. Then again, through him singing his own theme song during the credits, the collection shows there"s no damage in dreaming.

if performing an errand for three witches, Jake comes throughout a wonder artifact that basically works prefer a real-life video clip game controller, enabling him to offer himself a boost in power, strength, intelligence, or even charm as soon as he needs it.

Eventually, the whole thing transforms out to be a class on how you really can"t cheat in life to obtain the points you want, yet with all the magical human being asks that Jake, it"s pretty to view him gain a break for once in the series, also a short-lived one. And plenty of people would choose to live out a video game if offered the chance.

3 In "Siren Says" Jake Learns not To judge By Appearances

Jake enters a bachelor auction in ~ his school and also finds himself in the center of 2 girls: the beloved Danika and the geeky Vicky. Eventually, the actors becomes conscious that a siren has actually infiltrated the contest and also the personalities assume it"s Danika. Not only does it rotate out that Vicky is the actual siren, and also the one setting up Danika, Trixie has to face off versus her and also the guys she bewitched before the assignment is broken.

Ultimately, it"s a an excellent lesson no to judge by appearances. And also to perform your research on sirens: they have the right to look prefer all type of things, native bird monster to fish creatures. And also there also used come be masculine sirens in enlarge stories.

Jake and also Rose come up through a secret means to store up their partnership without anyone knowing: they accomplish each other in their dreams using magic. Jake decides to manipulate this magic to gain answers come a test to outwit the scheming Rotwood. Unfortunately, he accidentally publication an angry chimera that assaults people in their dreams.

Rose help to fight the Chimera and, while in the Dreamworld, she learns the she has actually a pair sister, her parents space still alive, and also that the Huntsclan stole her together a baby, having been formerly raised to think she was an orphan.

1 In "Homecoming" Both Jake & Rose must Sacrifice because that Each Other

Jake and also Rose come to be their school"s king and also queen for the homecoming dance. Unfortunately, the Huntsclan have found Rose"s link to the American Dragon and is required to usage magic to ruin the Huntsclan, even sacrificing herself. Luckily, Jake is maybe to conserve her at the last second by warping fact so the she was never ever taken indigenous her real parents to start with. While the finish assures she"s safe, she has actually lost all storage of him, at least for the time being.

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It"s a good lesson in the true love comes from sacrifice. Eventually, rose would reunite through Jake in Hong Kong, yet it"s quiet a touching part of their story. The one thing that more than likely would have appeased fans much more was if every little thing happened come Rose"s sister was lugged up, even if it to be allegedly being conserved for another, unmade season.