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FLORENCE, Ala. — America’s Thrift stores will open up its 20th ar on June 18.

The save is located at the corner of Cox Creek Parkway and also Cloverdale roadway in Florence. The grand opening was originally planned for April however was postponed because of COVID-19 concerns.

The save sells every little thing from clothing and also toys, to home decor and small appliances. Once you buy from America’s Thrift stores in Alabama, those sales advantage the Make-a-Wish foundation.

The cool opening is set for following Thursday with health and wellness guidelines in place. “Our desire is come maybe more than and above normal safety and security requirements due to the fact that we want to store our employees safe.”

All customers will certainly be forced to maintain a six-foot social distance and also wear a confront mask. If girlfriend don’t have actually a mask, the keep will carry out you with one.

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