“So, I created you a song, hope that you sing along / and it goes, ‘Merry Christmas, kiss mine ass!’” Clearly, who – quite a details girl – is firmly planted top top the ‘shit-list’ that pop-punk band, every Time Low. The expression “kiss mine ass” has a negative connotation, something singer Alex Gaskarth and agency seek to highlight on “Merry Christmas, Kiss my Ass.” This striking, non-traditional Christmas song shows up as the penultimate cut on the deluxe edition of the band’s 2011,Dirty Work. What exactly is the Baltimore pop-punk tape atoning for? simply put, a broken heart.

Throughout “Merry Christmas, Kiss my Ass,” Alex Gaskarth never holds ago when it concerns the problem of his heart. “Now, critical year’s summer romantic / Is this year winter blues,” that sings ~ above the an initial verse, later adding, “I cure you so unique / … but you left me north handed.” Interestingly, “Winter’s blues” is only one instance of the holiday and Christmas connection with heartbreak. ~ above the second verse, Gaskarth feels completely scorned, so much so the he sings, “I tear under decorations / They repeat me of your smile / I hate that mistletoe / It makes me think of our very first kiss.” Amazingly, such pained lyrics room painted by energetic vocals over a major key backdrop. Go figure!

There’s more anger dished out by all Time Low. “So sick of call / You i will not ~ telephone me / No, posesthe you, girl, i’m going out,” Gaskarth later sings, search to move on from the truth that the “Love fight a wall.” all the while, there are referrals to Christmas, which likewise seems come be damaged by she (“I gave you my love / friend ripped it apart / prefer the wrapping file trash”). Even given the horrid state of the Christmas thanks to her, the singer gets the critical laugh. Atonement? Methinks.

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