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I read this short article over in ~ Chrono Compendium, around the philosophical meaning behind the blog post in the book in the mystery Nu room in Enhasa. Writtten by RabidTurtle in august "03.In Enhasa, concealed away in among Belthasar"s secret rooms, is a book, title "The secret of Life, vol. 841." ~ above perusing the book, the party reads an excerpt from chapter 26; "All life starts with Nu and ends v Nu...This is the truth! This is my belief! At the very least for now..." What cryptic post lies herein? countless past players have dismissed it in addition to Nu together an enigma, however RabidTurtle the OCR stop striking new insight to this passage in Zeal. The an enig of Life" Vol. 841

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Ch. 26 all life starts with Nu and also ends with Nu... This is the truth! This is my belief! least for now. Now I"m sure that many civilization who beat Chrono cause have found this room already. However, ns don"t think the they recognize what it means. I have a theory. "Nu" is a letter of the Greek alphabet and also looks a small like a "v" (and, follow to some resources (, that is not pronounced in the typically assumed manner, NEW, however pronounced NEE! However, other sources are constant with NEW. If that is true the it is NEE, that"s pretty interesting, and also will cultivate numerous Monty Python recommendations in future forum posts). Nu, in it"s beforehand forms, is closely associated with water ( In early on Egyptian, the was also written as a horizontal squiggly line, the same, similar thing water. Now, discovering that Nu is a symbol of water, integrated into Belthasar"s writings, that looks choose the following: every life begins with water and also ends through water... This is the truth! This is mine belief! least for now. The is true, the life starts with water, in two separate interpretations even. Life on planet is assumed come have started in the oceans, with prokaryotic organisms ( In a less basic interpretation, babies endure in amneotic fluid throughout incubation. This is true for every mammals, and other species, in some type or one more (i.e. Chickens in eggs with liquid surrounding them). As for "All life ends through water," this choice of the message is very unclear to me. The has many possibilities. Maybe it concerns a cadaver"s an answer to death with an activity of liquid in the body? It might be connected to worldwide warming and also apocalypse with waters swallowing every the Earth"s land? A referral to Chrono Cross and also ANY the it"s sea themes the relate to damage or the end of the world/time is reasonable. The truth is, i don"t know, yet I do have one idea the stands out from the rest. In association v the basic interpretation for "All life begins with Nu," Belthasar"s full message can be the rise and also destruction the life itself. There"s a slight evolutionary theme in the plots the Chrono trigger (pre-battle messages during Lavos" last form) and Chrono cross (the peak room of ft Dragonia, whereby theres a mural on the wall surface depicting evolution, through Lavos transforming humanity"s course). Water produced life, i m sorry evolves, and has a large capacity to ruin itself (i.e. Nuclear weaponry, plague, etc.). But, pertaining come Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross, Lavos guided the advancement of species, and also killed them. Belthasar"s final message "This is the truth! This is mine belief! ...AT the very least FOR NOW could be pertained to Crono an altering the future, and also Lavos not damaging the world. An extremely deep, indeed. It was assumed that due to the fact that the fall of Zeal developed cataclysmic flooding ("ends through water..."), this is what Belthasar was implying. Zeal"s fall does not apply to Belthasar"s notes. The publication explicitly claims "All life ends with..." and also not all life ended in 12000 B.C. A concern arose, worrying Belthasar"s recommendation to the future in his notes and also my theory. Belthasar postulated the Nu notes prior to his exodus to 2300 A.D., and he may have changed his principles when he arrived in the new future. However, I believe that the still clings to his initial theory, which is an ext or much less symbolized by placing his belief (and programming) right into a Nu in the Keeper"s Dome. (I would choose to credit transaction Ybrik Metaknight because that bringing up this question) Assuming that Belthasar is introduce to 1999 A.D. (see i eight), there is a conflict of interpretation. After the Apocalypse, humans survived at the very least 300 years, Lavos reigned from fatality Peak (according to Queen Zeal, who states this if you try to get in the black color Omen for the very first time in 2300 AD), and mutants/robots space the primary residents of the planet. Supposedly, every living points would die off during the post-apocalypse, and also this consists of not just humans, but mutants. Now, the difference in interpretation occurs as soon as robots come into question. When Belthasar created "All life ends," to be he including robots? Life is primarily characterized as: "The building or top quality thatdistinguishes life organisms from dead organisms andinanimate matter, manifested in attributes such together metabolism,growth, reproduction, and solution to stimuli or adaptationto the setting originating from within the organism.This clearly discounts the id that robots room alive. However, the third meaning of Life is: The physical, mental, and spiritual experiences thatconstitute existence."This is the Platonic an interpretation of life, which would apply to sentient beings choose robots. And also although the robots that 2300 A.D. Did not have actually conventional spirituality, the Mother brain did have a structured belief in producing a world of robots, a "nation that steel." So, in the end, that all counts on what Balthasar"s will was. And since whoever arisen Belthasar"s small enigma is obviously no on-hand come tell us, we can reach no definite answer regarding whether Belthasar expected the organic or Platonic meaning of life in his notes. (I would prefer to credit transaction ifirit for contributing come the communication of this interpretation argument) There have actually been numerous comments and also criticisms the my theory on Nus. A number of people think that ns delved as well deeply right into Belthasar"s notebook, and that that was just there to be there. However, I have actually a basis for going through all of this. Squaresoft, the creator and also developer of Chrono Trigger, has tendency to placed life lessons, hidden plot additions, and also enigmatic references in every video game I have the right to think of. To be the Zack cinema in the Shin-Ra Mansion"s basement there just to it is in there? No. It to be a reward because that re-visiting a secluded area, and also it to be a amplified the overall story the the game. Squaresoft walk this many times that is game developing history, and also it arrays from revelations indigenous talking through villagers, to secret CG sequences because that accomplishing specific feats. Belthasar"s book was covert in a corner of a mystery room in Enhasa, Zeal. In addition, the looked favor an ordinary book, and also could have easily been overlooked. Ns do believe that there to be a identify intention to create an enigma in the publication to be solved, and also I truly hope the I have actually at least gone in the ideal direction in revealing the mystery of Nu. What carry out you men think of it? ns think that smart. I overlooked this.