How To publication a Piercing Appointment:

We are by appointment only, also to browse jewelery. Prior to you make your appointment you re welcome be sure to view our recent covid precautions.

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Piercing appointments include:

brand new piercingsjewelry installs for changing jewelry in an currently piercingpiercing/jewelry adjustmentsupsizing/downsizingjewelry shoppingtroubleshooting aftercare

Prepare for your appointment

Watch our video clip on exactly how to take care of your brand-new piercings.

Fill the end your release form that will be sent in your appointment check email prior to you arrive.

As detailed in our covid precautions, we are not see any new clients under the age of 10 for brand-new services.

Identification will be verified upon arrival.All initial identification records must be developed at time of appointment for a physical inspection and scanning.If identification needs are not fulfilled upon come you will be rescheduled and also may incur a fee.Guardians may select not to remain for services, but must be present at arrival because that ID verification. Adult (18+ years of age) picture ID requirements: federal government issued photograph ID with date of birth. Minor photograph ID requirements: Guardian’s government issued picture ID with date of birth and also minor’s photograph ID (school or government) with matching last names. *If critical names perform not match, extr supporting files are forced including bear certificate, fostering papers OR guardianship papers.*

Schedule the place you’d like to visit at and follow the scheduling prompts. You will do it either receive an email confirming her appointment, or we’ll call you for extr information. Prior to you make her appointment be certain to view or recent covid precautions.


If girlfriend have any kind of questions, please email us.

How to publication a Tattoo Appointment:

Tattooing is by appointment only, prior to you make her appointment make sure to check out our latest covid precautions.

We have replaced in-person tattoo consultations with one-on-one email consults directly with her artist. This gives you and your artist the chance to talk about artwork, collect references and schedule your appointment in development all before physically beginning the studio. If you understand who you’d choose to occupational with, girlfriend can contact them straight below:

Corey Grace: CoreyGrace406

Dean Bomb: DeanBombTattoos

Josiah Laughlin: Josiahawr

Jacie Aasen: jacieleetattoo

Need assist Choosing an Artist?Email us and also we’ll aid you find the best artist for her project.

Your patience is appreciated!All emails will be answered in the bespeak they’re received, yet that deserve to take time due to the volume of clients inquiring. Say thanks to you in breakthrough for understanding, we’ll get ago to you as shortly as we can!

How to book a cosmetics Tattoo Appointment:

Cosmetic Tattooing is by appointment only, prior to you make your appointment make certain to see our latest covid precautions.

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Book below and also follow the scheduling prompts. You will do it either receive an email confirming your appointment, or we’ll contact you for additional information.