Hello there, so i have actually some mysteries with premiere pro, i am using 2020 version, my problem is that ns can't import my video clip files native drone "mavic wait 2" difficulty occurs when recording with h256 4k. 2.7k it seems ~ to work-related fine, yet if i use 60fps over there is only h256 option in that situation premiere won't accept it, what's funny about it that it offered to be good, and also my archived videos won't work-related while was working week ago... I have hevc codec from multiple sclerosis store, however it won't deal with the problem, i can watch those records yet premiere won't identify it... An additional funny thing that if ns rename MP4 papers to AVI, premiere happy accepts it, yet i should work with proxies and for some reason producing proxies through avi takes forever... So anyone have solved this problem? Thanks


Use Shutter Encoder and transcode the clips to ProRes.

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The Mavic waiting 2 deserve to sometimes shoot change framerate footage which causes issues v Premiere, so you need to gain in the habit that transcoding before import ;-)

Adobe keep 'improving' VFR support in between versions, yet really they store breaking the in various ways!

Okay, well im making use of pro settings and also always setting frame rate and also shutter speed, and whats funny that i used to modify my videos just fine, and after part time it magicly no recognise old papers too... Well i think i need to tranafer to fpv v go pro, the seems less strugle.. So currently i have to transcode files then do proxies. Sweet.. Great job adobe and also dji

edit: additionally if if i do rename footage from MP4 to avi, premiere happily accepts it...

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I have actually the same problem with Premiere 2020. Ns don't think it has anything v the drone come do. I have previously made projects without issues, but now functioning on a brand-new project, once I import a bunch the videos tackled 3 different tools (Huawei P30, iphone 12 and Mavic Air2), half of them room "not supported" once they functioned fine in the ahead project. Btw, the Mavic waiting 2 videos seem to be the least affected by the issue and also are importing fine.

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Try removing or re-instaling codecs or recent software you set up related come media. Im no sure exactly how i addressed this issue. Ns dont remember specifically what i did, yet because that mavic footage it began working after ~ firmware refresh, however old clip was no accepted, climate i removed some codec, davinci and also rolled ago windows update ( in ~ the moment i have actually latest to update installed) btw renamimg papers was helpful yet premiere was kinda slow with *.avi


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