Gorgeous black color Integra GS-R is in showroom condition despite that high mileage, however the seller desires low mileage type R numbers.

It’s definitely not a mystery that the market for the legendary Acura Integra has gone skyrocketing recently. Together such, anyone with one may as well think they’re sitting on a yellow mine. With huge numbers showing up on auction sites, it’s simple to check out why. However, ultra low-mileage collection-ready dare fetching numbers deep into the five-figure selection is making civilization do crazy things. This black 2000 Integra GS-R for sale in Palm Springs, California, is a perfect example.

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While many world selling car love to throw around the indigenous “perfect” when describing their vehicle, typically, it’s not the case. However, the pictures on this Craigslist ad for this GS-R it seems ~ to back up that claim. Save for part minor paint chipping on the valve cover and also typical wavy wear on the leather seats; that looks damn close to perfect. We wish we can be excited about this car. Unfortunately, we can’t. What’s stopping us? Well, that’d be the $30,000 questioning price.


What’s through the price?

That’s not a typo. The asking price is $30,000. We can’t even begin to fathom what would certainly possess someone to actually put that price on their ad, but this guy’s yes, really done it. The point is, if this car had some insanely short mileage, we could be a bit more understanding here. After ~ all, the greatest bid Integra in lug A Trailer background was a black Integra GS-R coupe, just like this one. However, it embodies the claim of perfection far better than this example. Furthermore, it had actually less 보다 2,500 miles on it. ~ above the various other hand, this one has actually 160,000 miles, i m sorry is fairly high for a GS-R native the version year 2000. An ext recently, a 1999 Integra GS-R in Milano Red with only 47,000 initial miles. The sold earlier this year for $17,550. In ~ the time, we thought that to be insane, but apparently, it to be the deal of the century. That, or that Milano Red auto is precious something favor $50,000 now, right?

For a similar price over on Team Integra, there’s a tastefully modified genuine type R because that $27,500. Also that appears a little high from our perspective, however crazier things have actually happened.

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We truly great this seller the best of luck. Perhaps there is someone out there who has actually a preventive $30,000 burning a feet in their pocket that would rather have a high mileage GS-R over a low mileage form R. As crazy as that sounds; you never understand who you can run into. However, our thinking is that this vehicle is best suited on lug A Trailer or Cars and also Bids. That way, the market deserve to speak because that itself. Both web page have too much reach to few of the many niche buyers the end there, which has actually been consistently proven. While we don’t suspect this car will fetch everywhere near the questioning price, the seller is open up to offers.

What execute you think? Is this pretty old Integra method overpriced, or is the seller in the ballpark? What execute you think it’s worth?

Photos: Craigslist

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