The Academy of ours Lady the Guam is a totally accredited college preparatory Catholic high college for young women. The school’s curriculum offers a complete breakthrough for young woman.Centrally located in the capital of Hagatna, Guam, the setting of the Academy surrounds itself through governmental, religous and business communities.

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Academy college student excel in scholastic endeavors. Students benefit from miscellaneous teaching techniques that maximize student learning and deal with unique learning styles.

Faith and also Service

Academy students are motivated to not only learn around the Catholic faith. They are given the possibility to placed it right into practice through the various avenues to offer the community.


The Academy areas interscholastic level teams of assorted sports. Our interscholastic teams have actually traveled come Japan because that the Far east Asia Tournaments in both volleyball, basketball and cross country.

Good morning Cougars! This is the early morning greeting in ~ the Academy of our Lady campus to start each college day. In the situation of respectable 6, 2021, this early morning greeting welcomed everyone ago on campus because that a much anticipated brand-new school year.

As students arrived on campus, administration, faculty and staff greeted students while temperatures to be taken and also social distancing was in place. The brand-new school year to be refreshing because that the Academy campus with its go back to face-to-face learning. The school currently has a comfortable enrollment of 330 college student who space a part of the sisterhood and aid grow and promulgate the Academy Legacy.

The go back to face-to-face finding out was invited by every who had actually to readjust to distance learning throughout the elevation of the pandemic. Together students went through their first day of the brand-new school year, it was a treat to have the ability to interact and also have lunch with friends, regardless of the 3-feet street requirement, the usage of challenge masks, or speaking through each various other through plexi-glass dividers.

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As the Academy begins its 73rd institution year, us welcome ours students ~ above campus and adopt our many alumnae who helped make the school what the is today, “A tradition of faith-based academic excellence preparing females for success.” The school has over 5,500 alumnae because its structure and continues to flourish with that newest class, the course of 2025.