I arrangement to use to D.O. Med institution my fl scores were: NS diagnostic: 498 NS FL 1: 502 (126/125/125/126) AAMCSample: C/P 37/59 car 41/53 Bio/Biochem 39/59 Psych 40/59 AAMC FL 1: 503 (126/125/125/127) AAMC FL 2: 503 (127, 123,125,128) AAMC FL 3 495 (124, 124, 124, 123) which was taken 7 days later on than AAMC FL 2. The big difference was that i switched to utilizing a computer mouse and also found that difficult (i underestimate the transition, however did not intend that decrease) i take the mcat june 1. Should I law the last fl prefer an anomaly, or is it the the strongest predictor? mine confidence has actually been pretty destroyed since the critical FL.

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The large difference to be that ns switched to using a computer system mouse and also found that hard (i underestimate the transition, yet did not suppose that decrease)
I i found it I lost time due to the fact that of using the computer mouse for the very first time and guessed more and rushed a bit. I thought perhaps i would take tiny loss, but that didn"t describe the 8 suggest drop.
ns noticed I lost time since of making use of the computer mouse for the an initial time and guessed more and rushed a bit. Ns thought possibly i would certainly take small loss, but that didn"t explain the 8 allude drop.
i think the recent score is most likely a fluke based upon the score trend yet i"d be mindful on check day to avoid getting startled by technical issues.
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Zakzak say thanks to you for her question! I know it"s scary, frustrating, and disheartening to see a score drop, particularly as you"re gaining closer to the exam. I would certainly say what the likely issue is the in some part you were impacted negatively through the technical issues, and also it"s feasible that FL3 tested some topics you weren"t as comfortable with. Obviously through the latter, it"s frustrating because that translates into a lower score, however in actuality that"s the going come bode relatively well for your actual exam performance. The reason why is due to the fact that you got to experience some of your weaknesses before the yes, really exam, so currently you deserve to review and practice them and ensure that you can get them exactly on the actual exam! So i sympathize with you top top the frustrations of a score drop, but don"t let this psyche friend out! Thoroughly testimonial the exam and see what mistakes you made and how you deserve to learn indigenous them, so that you don"t make those same mistakes top top the yes, really MCAT. Also, back not extremely likely, the is possible you could run right into technical worries during her actual MCAT together well. Now that you have seen the this might adversely influence you, I desire you to take some time come mentally prepare for that happening. You must make sure you continue to be calm as best as girlfriend can and just speak to the proctors right into fixing the issue and then moving forward from there the finest you can. You have actually put in therefore much initiative to acquire to this point and ns don"t desire a technical issue to store you from getting to your goal! in ~ the end of the day, trust the tendency in your exam scores and keep functioning to improve your errors and that will many likely analyze to a score comparable to your exercise exams ~ above actual check day! try to no let this autumn in score mentally impact your views on your ability to perform well on the yes, really thing. The crucial is to just learn from her mistakes and then get those exact same question varieties right if they display up on her actual exam. an excellent luck v everything and also if girlfriend have any type of questions at all, please don"t hesitate to reach out!