about Hey over there Delilah

"Hey there Delilah" is a song by American rock band plain White T"s. It was released in might 2006 together the third single from their third studio album all That we Needed. It obtained radio play over the following year and eventually got to No. 1 top top the Billboard hot 100 in July 2007. The song has received immense popularity due to the fact that its release and also has to be featured in television shows such as Journeyman, ns Love the new Millennium, Orange Is the brand-new Black, and also Family Guy.

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Hey there, DelilahWhat"s it like in new York city?I"m a thousand miles awayBut, girl, this evening you look therefore prettyYes, friend doTime square can"t shine together bright together youI swear, it"s trueHey there, DelilahDon"t you worry around the distanceI"m appropriate there if you gain lonelyGive this song an additional listenClose her eyesListen to mine voice, it"s my disguiseI"m by your sideOh, it"s what you carry out to meOh, it"s what you execute to meOh, it"s what you perform to meOh, it"s what you execute to meWhat you do to meHey there, DelilahI recognize times are gettin" hardBut just think me, girlSomeday I"ll salary the bills through this guitarWe"ll have it goodWe"ll have actually the life us knew us wouldMy word is goodHey there, DelilahI"ve obtained so much left come sayIf every basic song I composed to youWould take her breath awayI"d write it allEven much more in love v me you"d fallWe"d have it allOh, it"s what you perform to meOh, it"s what you perform to meOh, it"s what you do to meOh, it"s what you carry out to meA thousand miles appears pretty farBut they"ve acquired planes and trains and also carsI"d walk to you if I had actually no other wayOur friends would all make fun of usAnd we"ll just laugh along because we knowThat no one of them have actually felt this wayDelilah, I deserve to promise youThat by the moment we gain throughThe people will never ever before be the sameAnd you"re to blameHey there, DelilahYou be good, and don"t you miss meTwo much more years and also you"ll be done with schoolAnd I"ll be makin" history like i doYou"ll understand it"s all due to the fact that of youWe deserve to do everything we desire toHey there, Delilah, here"s to youThis ones because that youOh, it"s what you perform to meOh, it"s what you perform to meOh, it"s what you execute to meOh, it"s what you perform to meWhat you perform to meOh, whoa, whoa oh whoa, ohOh, oh

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plain White T"s plain White T"s (read as "plain white tees") is one American pop punk band from Chicago, Illinois.

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Formed in 1997 by high college friends Tom Higgenson and Ken Fletcher, the team had a largely underground adhering to in Chicago basements, clubs, and bars in its at an early stage years, and underwent plenty of personnel changes. An ext »