Hey everyone! This is my first forum post so i"m not sure this is the right place for this, if so I am very sorry!Anyway, I have been taking a break of jamesmerse.com for a bit so i"m not sure if a new update has passed and this is a new feature. So just to clear this up, I have 200 health, 2 mana stars, 11 defense, and I HAVE beaten The Eye of Cthulhu in my world. (Its also not expert mode) Okay, so I had beaten The Eye of Cthulhu and I also had some bombs, I had decided that I was strong enough to go to the Corruption and break some Shadow Orbs. I get there and I break two Shadow Orbs, I didn"t have a magic mirror or any recall potions so I had to walk all the way to my house. I get to my house and put my coins away, a couple seconds pass and I get three status messages in this order.A meteorite has landed!A meteorite has landed!Eater of Worlds has awoken!Now I was a little afraid, I didn"t think I was ready for him. I check the map and I see the little icon that shows the boss is there, in this case The Eater of Worlds. The first swoop he made came pretty close to the surface. However, I wasn"t in the corruption so it ran away to the bottom of the map. I thought this was weird but my first thought was that the meteorite broke the third Shadow Orb, however I only have one Corruption (Medium world) and there was no meteorite in the Corruption. It wasn"t on the surface Corruption or in the underground Corruption! The weirdest part is, I explored my WHOLE world and I couldn"t find a meteorite. Honestly, i"m not sure why this happened but i"m sure there is some explanation you guys are gonna give me.Thanks Again! -Blaze8465

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Are you sure that your bombs didn"t accidentally hit a shadow orb offscreen and for some reason it was delayed until midnight? Could be a bug.

Hmm, that could be true, I might have to see if I can somehow replicate this, thanks for the response!

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Could you upload a world file? Could try to use map viewer to locate any hidden meteorite and/or regenerate world from the seed and compare to see which orbs were destroyed.Atm my only guess is that this involved a red pressure plate + statue combo, that had wire intersected with an explosives trap, that was near a shadow orb. Maybe a meteor caused beehive to drop, or a weirdly generated boulder trap to roll triggering red pressure plate.