Spooky time are about the corner for hat Kid, and now she"s in the Snatcher"s house turf no less. Run, jump, dive, and clutch your soul tight, due to the fact that tonight"s haunt is a actual scream.Other A Hat over time Guides:

Speedrun Well: Gotta walk Faster

Both Bonuses are totally free to one another, so thankfully this one is less complicated to explain. Provided how this is greatly mechanical mastery ~ above display, there"s not much I can say. However...Enable auto-skip that cutscenes in settings. It"s a lot less of a hassle 보다 manually skip cutscenes and also losing time.You deserve to ignore pressing switches altogether. Look for pipes or other terrain to jump onto rather to skip big portions that platforming (this is what the Snatcher was referring to).Abuse the hookshot points come fling yourself to heights typically inaccessible, and use said height to skip platforms.

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Rift Collapse: Sleepy Subcon

This Rift Collapse can be summary with words concise. This one will be exceptionally quick indigenous map come map till completion, together the maps are an extremely simplistic. The route forward, however, is much less than obvious.

The All-Pon Run

Map 2:Leap forward and also grab the Pon directly ahead.Turn around and skip as numerous platforms as feasible to go straight to the 2nd Pon.Grab the third Pon by swinging top top the Hookshot point, then usage the elevation to get across to the various other side through the 2 Pons.If you feeling risky, aim right for the Pon; otherwise, dive to the sheet platforms closer come you.Leap top top the treehouse and grab the next Pon.Use the spiky branch to get the elevation you must get ago onto the leaf platforms. You deserve to sprint across these without jumping if you go from one come the next.Avoid the wrecking ball swinging around and leap come the Pon inside the treehouse.Sprint out and also get under the hatch.Map 3:Go right and trick the sleepy raccoon into plummeting. Smack"em and also grab their Pon.Leap near the spider and also use the homing assault to take it them out and also grab the Pon all at once.Double earlier and leap throughout to the following castle tower and run directly next come the chair (you have to be to brush it) to swipe the Pon without jumping.Leap ~ above the edge and also hop ~ above the turn platform. Simply wait until you"re decently close prior to you leap across.You can ignore this sleepy raccoon and go straight for the Pon in the back, then use a homing attack to take your Pon.Leap down the hatch.Map 4:Immediately go left and also grab the Pon.Turn around and leap across the gap towards the Pon near the sleepy raccoon. Use among the frozen towers to acquire there.Hop, skip, and jump your way up the frozen towers.Use a dual jump come grab the Pon behind the hatch and also leap into said hatch.Map 5:Before the Pon atop the cages, there is a Pon hiding on the side end some wood platforms. Fallout’s off and also respawning is much faster than platforming ago up.Leap atop the cages and also grab the critical Pon.Dive into the hatch.

The Perfect Run

Map 2:Leap across the void in front of you and also grab the Pon.Reverse direction and cross the fire to grab the two Pons beside one another.Use the swing come get sufficient height come leap throughout the gap and also grab the Pon atop the tree platforms.Use the leaf platforms to get to the Pon within the treehouse close to the hatch. Make sure you"re not hit by the wrecking ball!Run over and leap right into the hatch.Map 3:Trick the racoon right into dropping and also beat that up for his Pon.Leap near the spider and also use homing assault to death it and swipe the Pon.Double back and leap across to the various other castle tower. Run near the chair to magnetize the Pon come you.Leap onto the spinning platform and also wait. Remember, her momentum carries right into your jump, for this reason abuse that to get throughout faster.Leap to the earlier to seize the hovering Pon, then usage homing assault to slay the raccoon because that his loot.Jump right into the hatch.Map 4:Run come the left and be near sufficient to the Pon to magnetize it.Dash throughout the well to the lonely Pon v a surrounding raccoon. Leap throughout and swipe it.Platform you method up the frozen lock towers.Use dual jump to grab the Pon and also leap right into the hatch afterwards.Map 5:Leap atop the crates and grab the Pon.Jump off and also straight into the hatch.

Boss Rush: gain Good, Kid

Reward: Camera Filter- Nani?!Thank the developer above, this one is just the normal boss fights and also not the EX ones. Therefore if you"re worried this is an impossible death Wish, know before you begin it"s the bosses as their normal selves. No that a challenge of attrition versus these heavyweights is going to be easy! especially not v the One struggle Hero argorial equipped.What space the boss difficulties? desire to dimension your personal boss challenges with mine? Here"s my opinions ~ above this fatality Wish:Mafia Boss- easy, completable through 0 damage without much effortBattle for Award 42- easy++, with a little practice it"s completable without damage 9 times out of 10.Toilet of Doom- journeyman, the takes exercise to uncover the appropriate timings for certain attacks, and techniques to ignore some assaults altogether.Snatcher- hard yet not quite master, certainly the hardest of every the bosses. No heart Pon at any allude in the fight, no cap abilities to usage as a crutch, and also his assaults are quite large for AoEs. The takes a the majority of practice to recognize what to carry out for every attack, exactly how they scale as the struggle goes on, and also executing on every one of that consecutively without fail. Great luck beating this ghoul with just 1 HP.Mustache Girl- easy++ until last phase, climate journeyman if through the One struggle Hero Badge; it doesn"t take it much initiative to evade her attacks, as they room not virtually as wide or complex as Snatcher"s. Keeping a cool head provides this fight reasonably easy until the really end.Possible wellness Pon appearances (they tend to it is in randomized every attempt):Mafia Boss- any type of enrage previous the very first twoBattle because that Award 42- after any enrageToilet the Doom- after any type of enrage; rarely shows up in clean bubbles circling the Hookshot pointSnatcher- none; you much better psyche yourself not to obtain hit!Mustache Girl- every so often throughout the final phaseGiven as soon as again the this is mechanic mastery over difficulty knowledge, there"s not much else I can say around this various other than the following: good luck, and also persist!

Snatcher Coins in Subcon Forest

Reward: The Queen"s DressCoin 1 - discovered north at the frozen fountain, atop a broken brick platform near the top.
Coin 2 - In the swamp area, located atop a tree close to the giant skeleton.
Coin 3 - Atop Queen Vanessa"s Manor"s chimney, which have the right to be reached by using the ice cream spikes and some wall climbing.

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Quality Time v Snatcher

Unlike the various other EX ceo encounters, Snatcher"s is just running down the clock quite than super-boosting his techniques. However, his attacks do get quicker as the clock counts up! Don"t permit yourself obtain hit any an ext than as soon as per 90 seconds and you"re golden. This death Wish is great practice for the One hit Hero badge Bonus on boss Rush, top up!At 6 minutes, the fatality Wish ends and also the Time piece appears. Friend don"t have to attain it to acquire the 6-minute Bonus, therefore feel cost-free to dice for fun.Here space some tips for dodging his attacks:You cannot afford to be indecisive past the 3 minute mark. Snappy decisions room your ideal friend. Train you yourself to instictively know which direction come go and what switch to press with every attack.The spinning wave of lost children is finest done by continuing to be in the very same spot, don"t run left or right.There"s always an area the Snatcher does not target with any kind of pulse during his child-spin attack.His red multi-blast tide that spins across the phase is far more punishing if you move the wrong way in the beginning. If he fires left, go left. If he fires right, walk right. Train yourself to relocate towards the early stage red pulse and also not away.That said, girlfriend can additionally avoid the strike by diving forwards/backwards at the last 2nd instead that left or right. It needs positioning far forward/backward and great timing, however it"s a great clutch if you move the not correct direction.His random pulse blasts don"t care around jumps, so don"t bother jumping. Focus on diving in the best directions instead. Train yourself to dive instead of jump and you"re already collection for this fatality Wish!His quake-pulse practice isn"t that punishing till the waves start to covering the map. Try to continue to be in the waiting as long as you deserve to in the beginning, climate time her landings such the you"re no going to gain hit by the quake.Remember that the Snatcher"s last quake-pulse will always be top top his closest node come you. Make sure you"re in the air once he walk his final pulse.Pay close fist to the Snatcher"s movement! If he dives down into the ground, JUMP. Train you yourself to reaction to this instinctively, else previous the 3 minute mark you may accomplish an awkward demise.His turn 4-pulse blast is best dodged by stand still. Wait until they sluggish down, then dive the end of the method if necessary. As soon as it grows faster about 3 minute in, simply watch carefully!

Community Rift: Twilight Travels

Once again, since this one is much easier than most fatality Wishes and also is completed just by playing through, no gimmicks, I"ll just list Storybook page location.Map 1 - found at the earlier end the the map, top top a low rocky platform. You might need come get creative with the camera.Map 2 - straight behind you as soon as you enter, atop the tall pillar. Usage the bell"s Hookshot suggest to ascend.Map 2 - the contrary of the Pon covert behind both blue and also green Dweller walls available only by wall surface climbing. It is located on the left path.Map 2 - In the exact same room on the left path, friend can discover the web page atop one of the high pillars after you attain the greatest Pon.Map 3 - monitor the river to its resource when girlfriend enter, and also you"ll find the web page below.Map 3 - rise to the Pon atop the greater peak the the 2 peaks, then find the wooden platform attached to said optimal with the web page sitting atop it.Map 4 - Right prior to the 2 red spiders, girlfriend can uncover a floating pillar below with the page.Map 5 - Behind the goat statue and the Time Piece.

Breaching the Contract

Reward: Witch Costume (equipable in shade schemes)After numerous practice from quality Time v Snatcher, this one is a snap in comparison come the various other EX bosses. Regardless, he"s still not going down without a fight, and also neither room we!His strikes now have actually the adhering to variances:All pulse blast attacks create a shockwave, other than for the red swipe move he has. Be ready to jump! This has actually consistently caught me off guard.Snatcher will begin flinging blue potions throughout his 4-pulse spin attack and his original shockwave-generating move. One of two people of them will certainly generate a tossable blue potion to skip an strike of his you don"t like (and hey, to deal damages too).Snatcher"s 1000 potions assault will begin aiming because that you and also cover because that dive movement in your motion direction, so make your motions curved and snappy. Don"t be afraid to turn approximately either.Shadow clones will now start walking in the direction of you; if you"re not currently aware, you can swing your umbrella to fear them back.The red one pulse strike can no longer be avoided simply by running in the direction of the early stage blast. Rather, choose being close to or far from Snatcher, and dive in opposing Z direction as soon as the blasts get close.Some other notes:You have the right to regain health and wellness Pons in this fight; specifically, once you hit him through your umbrella throughout his quake attack.Being hit v a tossed blue potion will certainly interupt and end any type of attack the Snatcher is doing, so you can reduced him off prior to he do the efforts anything if you get cheeky.If girlfriend swap to any type of kind the costume, such as the Detective Outfit, you"ll gain back your hat! yet only cosmetically, no Time prevent Hat for you.

The finish Death wish Walkthrough