Comfort Zone: A Beautiful Place, yet Nothing ever before Grows There

Your lull zone. This phrase can be provided to explain many locations of our lives, both personally and also professionally. The is a place where us are, well, comfortable. What happens once you obtain out of your comfort zone?


By attempting something the is “outside your comfort zone,” you space able to thrive and, most importantly, learn. Discover that you are a qualified human being, learn that mistakes happen, find out that you space courageous.

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I observed this learning process in activity personally this summer and also it was really obvious come me. My 18-year-old son, who simply graduated indigenous high school, accepted a job as an overnight summer camp counselor. This is unlike anything that had ever done in his quick life. So the work after his graduation party, through his automobile packed complete of all his summer supplies, the drove turn off to a brand-new adventure the he had actually been excited about for weeks. When I could see anxiety and also worry in his challenge as he left, ns chalked it up to all the emotions the came through graduation and parties in the work prior.

Within two hours, ns was receiving messages from my boy telling me, ns can’t do this, this isn’t for me, i don’t fit in, and also the indigenous no parent desires to hear, “I’m quitting.” us exchanged countless texts. Me, trying to convince him things will get better and to stick that out. Him, vacillating between asking me to bring extra supplies and also wanting come quit. Fortunately, his camp directors have probably encountered this many, countless times and also they were able come encourage the to stay through the day, and also by 10:00 the night, that told me he to be staying.

Now, halfway through summer, the is so happy he grounding it out. He has made new friends from Ohio and Australia, new Zealand, England, and also South Africa. He now realizes just how this has prepared that to leaving for college in the fall. That, too, will be full of uncertain, brand-new experiences and he is much more prepared.

If girlfriend stick it out, there deserve to be an excellent things awaiting you.

I have additionally recently witnessed colleagues stepping exterior their comfort zone professionally . There space court reporters moving from deposition work-related to court work, adults going ago to college for a new career, attorneys transforming firms after a long career, and others taking on new committee or association work. You may uncover yourself questioning your decision after a few weeks or months into the brand-new commitment. It’s uncomfortable. It’s new. It’s not your lull zone.

What at very first glance shows up to be “not for you” may turn out to it is in the finest thing you’ve done.

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As a court reporter for 20 years, ns didn’t really take into consideration that ns would one day be a court reporting firm owner. However, after much thought, and with a lot of excitement, I came to be a certain owner two years ago. I have actually learned much about myself, around my business, around people – the perform goes on. Many importantly, ns am still discovering that mistakes space not constantly a bad thing, as lengthy as I find out something from them. And, boy, am i learning!

While my son and I were texting that first day in ~ camp, I sent him this image:


If she considering trying something new, one of two people personally or professionally, I would urge you to overcome your fear, repeat yourself that you are capable, and don’t just step – JUMP the end of your comfort zone!


Angie Starbuck, RPR, CRR, CCP is a court reporter in Columbus, Ohio, and the owner that PRI Court Reporting, LLC. Affix with her on LinkedIn. You can likewise follow PRI Court report on Twitter and Facebook.