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Asma ul Husna by Atif Aslam is walking to it is in a shattering Hit.

Listen virtual or download the 99 names of Allah in the superb vocals that Atif Aslam in Coke Studio.

A humble expression of expect & solidarity, as we stand with mankind in this times.

Recited by Atif AslamRe-imagined and weaved by XulfiVideo created by The Vision FactoryPost through SoftmatrixVideo shot by street High FilmsAgency: Soho Square Pakistan

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Asma-ul-Husna with Translation an interpretation and Explanation

1الرَّحْمَنُAR-RAHMAANThe many or totally MercifulAllah, Ar-Rahmaan, bestows His Mercy (Rahmah) upon every the creatures in this universe.
2الرَّحِيمُAR-RAHEEMThe Bestower the MercyThe Owner that Mercy that encompasses His creation. Ar-Rahmaan points to the vastness that Allah’s Mercy and Ar-Raheem points the end to the result of this Mercy ~ above His Creation.
3الْمَلِكُAL-MALIKThe King and also Owner that DominionThe One who possesses the attribute the Mulk (kingdom), dominion, power, authority. Allah is Al Malikul Haqq. He is the One who possesses the handle of all affairs. That commands, makes and does every little thing He wants. And Allah provides Mulk to whoever that wants, as Mulk belongs come Him.
4الْقُدُّوسُAL-QUDDUSThe absolutely PureThe One who is very Pure, for sure Pure. That is far and over any imperfection, error, fault and also shortcoming. He is High above what does not befit Him. That is the one who is Taahir (Pure) and also Uluww (High).
5السَّلاَمُAS-SALAMThe Perfection and also Giver the PeaceThe One that is complimentary from all imperfections and deficiencies because of the Perfection that His Being, of His Attributes and His Actions. That keeps His developments safe from any injustice top top His part.
6الْمُؤْمِنُAL-MU’MINThe One Who provides Emaan and SecurityThe One that Affirms and Believes (Eeman) His Oneness and also the One who provides Emaan. It is also The One who offers Security (Aman) and Peace. Al-Mu’min is likewise the One who clears the fear and the One that is Faithful. His guarantees are constantly true.
7الْمُهَيْمِنُAL-MUHAYMINThe Guardian, The Witness, The OverseerThe One that observes His creation with regards to their actions. It is also The One Who supplies peace and security and also The trustworthy One who proclaims the Truth. He is the One who constantly watches us and looks after ~ us.
8الْعَزِيزُAL-AZEEZThe every MightyThe One that overpowers everything and Who cannot be overcome. It also refers to the One who is very precious, none is prefer Him. The is unbeatable and also nothing can prevent the from fulfilling what he wills.
9الْجَبَّارُAL-JABBARThe Compeller, The RestorerAl-Jabbaar is the Compeller, every little thing He will is what happens. He is the One who is Exalted, High over His creation and also He is the One that Reforms, the One that fixes the instance for His creation.
10الْمُتَكَبِّرُAL-MUTAKABBIRThe Supreme, The MajesticAl-Mutakabbir is the Supreme, the reveals His Greatness and Power in ~ every moment and in every incident. Al-Mutakabbir use His rights, privileges and attributes the are over and beyond the legal rights of everyone else.
11الْخَالِقُAL-KHAALIQThe Creator, The MakerThe One that brings things into existence after your non-existence. Who invents and innovates without a front model. And also then bestows upon castle their characteristics of movement and also other qualities. That is the One that invents every little thing the eyes can see and also perfects your creation.
12الْبَارِئُAL-BAARI’The OriginatorThe One that is the Originator the everything. He is the Creator and also The One who provides distinguished features to every one of His Creation. Al-Bari’ knows His development best.
13الْمُصَوِّرُAL-MUSAWWIRThe FashionerThe One that is the Fashioner and also Former that each and also every thing in every one of creation. The is the One who has given everything in development a unique inclination the desire and also a special type and a special manner by which it is.
14الْغَفَّارُAL-GHAFFARThe All- and Oft-ForgivingThe One who is forgiving and looking over our faults over and also over again. He likewise protects us from the results of ours mistakes, in this life and the next so we might go top top without shame or guilt. That is the One who can change our dorn deeds into great deeds.
15الْقَهَّارُAL-QAHHARThe Subduer, The Ever-DominatingThe One that dominates every little thing in His kingdom. That is the One prior to whom the whole development has humbled itself, and also submitted prior to His Grandeur, power and also perfect strength. That is the Vanquisher without ever before being unfair.
16الْوَهَّابُAL-WAHHAABThe Giver the GiftsThe One who continually bestows gifts, favors and blessings upon all of creation. It method He not only gives presents once or twice, yet He constantly go so. The is the One who gives freely and endlessly, there is no expectation of any type of return.
17الرَّزَّاقُAR-RAZZAAQThe ProviderThe One that creates all means of nourishment and sustenance. That is The One who provides everything that is necessary (rizq). It means that he bestows all method of support and also growth, for the body, the mind and also the spiritual life.
18الْفَتَّاحُAL-FATTAAHThe Opener, The JudgeThe One who opens up all the doors the mercy, profit and sustenance come His slaves. The door of the solution of every difficut can be easily opened by Him. He provides clear what is unclear. Al-Fattaah is the One who judges between His slaves with perfect justice.
19اَلْعَلِيْمُAL-‘ALEEMThe All-Knowing, The OmniscientThe One whose understanding (ilm) is neither acquired through discovering nor preceded by ignorance, nor complied with by forgetfulness. That is mindful of every things, even prior to they happen!
20الْقَابِضُAL-QAABIDThe WithholderAl-Qaabid, Al-Baasit is the One who withholds and extends. That contracts as soon as it is good and He increases when it is good. In ~ time that withholds and at various other times the gives. This goes because that provisions (rizq), life and also death.
21الْبَاسِطُAL-BAASITThe ExtenderAl-Qaabid, Al-Baasit is the One that withholds and also extends. He contracts when it is good and He broadens when that is good. At time he withholds and also at other times the gives. This goes for provisions (rizq), life and death.
22الْخَافِضُAL-KHAAFIDHThe Reducer, The AbaserAl-Khaafidh, Ar-Raafi’ is the One that lowers whoever that willed by His Destruction and raises whoever the willed by His Endowment.
23الرَّافِعُAR-RAAFI’The Exalter, The ElevatorAl-Khaafidh, Ar-Raafi’ is the One who lowers whoever the willed through His Destruction and raises whoever the willed by His Endowment.
24الْمُعِزُّAL-MU’IZZThe Honourer, The BestowerAl-Mu’izz, Al-Muzil is the One who gives esteem come whoever he willed, therefore there is nobody to degrade Him; and also He degrades whoever that willed, thus there is no one to give Him esteem.
25المُذِلُّAL-MUZILThe Dishonourer, The HumiliatorAl-Mu’izz, Al-Muzil is the One who provides esteem to whoever he willed, for this reason there is no one to degrade Him; and also He degradation whoever he willed, for this reason there is nobody to give Him esteem.
26السَّمِيعُAS-SAMEE’The All-HearingThe One that hears all sounds and also voices, in every one of their different languages and also all their many and various needs. The is the All-Hearing, the The Ever-Listening.
27الْبَصِيرُAL-BASEERThe All-SeeingThe One Whose understanding sees all points clearly, even the the smallest act and both the apparent and the hidden. That is the One that sees and also understands all that has actually been, and also all that will be.
28الْحَكَمُAL-HAKAMThe Judge, The Giver of JusticeThe One and also Only true judge and always delivers justice in every situation. The is the One who judgments and also decrees are never over-turned and also He Who makes the last decision of the nature of all matters. That is the One who arbitrates every disputes.
29الْعَدْلُAL-‘ADLThe utterly JustThe One that is licensed has been granted to carry out what the does.
30اللَّطِيفُAL-LATEEFThe subtle One, The most GentleThe One who is many knowledgeable that the many subtle details. His actions room so fine and also subtle the they may be beyond our comprehension. The bestows gifts that are carefully suited to the needs of His creation. The is extremely gracious and understanding. He travel guide us and also treats us with a quality without us perceiving it.
31الْخَبِيرُAL-KHABEERThe Acquainted, the All-AwareThe One that is acquainted through everything, inner and outer. He is the One who has perfect knowledge and understanding the the actual condition, interior qualities and meanings the all the is created.
32الْحَلِيمُAL-HALEEMThe many ForbearingThe One who keeps bestowing blessings, both visible and hidden, on His creation, also though they disobey Him and also make many mistakes. So He forgives and does not provide the sinners the punishment they deserve; He urges them come repent and gives castle time to rotate to Him.
33الْعَظِيمُAL-‘ATHEEMThe Magnificent, The SupremeThe One that is greatest, mightiest, grandest and over all He has absolute greatness in both his attributes and self. Every His actions are Perfect. That is the one deserving the attributes of exaltment, glory and purity from all imperfection. His Might and also Grandeur is surely past our grasp.
34الْغَفُورُAL-GHAFOORThe Forgiving, The Exceedingly ForgivingThe One that forgives beyond expectation, accepts repentance and also pardons our faults. That is the One who veils our sins finish protects united state from your effects, for this reason we might go top top without dead or guilt. No matter, how many or how large the sin, Al-Ghafoor can cover it up.
35الشَّكُورُASH-SHAKOORThe most AppreciativeThe One Who gives abundantly in return because that what to be little. That is the One that is the most Appreciative because He appreciates even the smallest of deeds, all the time. And His evaluation is unlimited; because that there is no end to the delight of Paradise.
36الْعَلِيُّAL-‘ALEEThe many High, The ExaltedThe One who is over and exceeds every others, over there is nothing and also no-one over Him. His Loftiness is absolutely perfect. He is the Highest. AI-‘Alee is over and surpasses all that has ever before been, all the there currently is, and also all the shall ever be.
37الْكَبِيرُAL-KABEERThe Greatest, The many GrandThe One that is incomparably great. His essence is unimaginably good Perfection, in might, power, wisdom and mercy in all His Attributes. He is the most Great. That is much too good to be compared to any kind of of His creatures; His creatures deserve to never be prefer Him.
38الْحَفِيظُAL-HAFEEDHThe Preserver, The All-Heedful and also All-ProtectingThe One Whose strength preserves the heavens and also the earth. The is the Guardian and Preserver of all the worlds. Al-Hafeedh is heedful of every the actions the we execute by His Knowledge and also He protects His servants from all kinds that hardship and evil.
39المُقيِتAL-MUQEETThe SustainerAl-Muqeet overwhelms every little thing with His power and also is responsible for all points with His substantial and all-inclusive knowledge. That is the an effective Maintainer and also oversees all that exists, sending down provision come His creatures and sharing it out amongst them, taking treatment of all living beings.
40الْحسِيبُAL-HASEEBThe Reckoner, The SufficientAl-Haseeb is the Bringer come account the His slaves; that knows your deeds, their lifespans and also all their affairs. The is the One who is sufficient; he takes treatment of all His slaves. Al-Haseeb keeps record of every actions and then He will requite them follow to His wisdom.
41الْجَلِيلُAL-JALEELThe MajesticThe One that is attributed with Greatness of Power and Glory of Status.
42الْكَرِيمُAL-KAREEMThe most Generous, The most EsteemedThe One who is the many Generous, continually providing forth the many precious bounties to His creation. The is Al-Kareem in His essence, that is the most esteemed and honored due to the fact that of His Perfection and also Oneness. He is Al-Kareem in His dealings through His creation. The forgives, He complies with through and His offering exceeds every expectations.
43الرَّقِيبُAR-RAQEEBThe WatchfulThe One who is very closely watching over His creation, hearing, seeing and also knowing everything. The is the Observer and Witness that is never missing from the scene. Ar-Raqeeb watches you wherever you are, every little thing you do, and also whenever you do it and He even knows her unspoken intentions.
44الْمُجِيبُAL-MUJEEBThe Responsive OneThe One who answers prayers finish responds to requests of those who ask and to the call of those who call upon him by help them follow to His Wisdom in managing their affairs. Al-Mujeeb will frequently give you an ext than what friend ask for, because He will respond to you v what you need and what is finest for you.
45الْوَاسِعُAL-WAASI’The All-Encompassing, the BoundlessThe One who expansive essence includes the totality creation. His capacities and the meanings of His features are without limit and also in abundance. The power, mercy, generosity and knowledge of Al-Waasi’ are boundless. His authority never ends and also His domain is endless.
46الْحَكِيمُAL-HAKEEMThe All-WiseThe One whose wisdom is perfect, totally free from any kind of error or misunderstanding. His magnificent will is executed through His divine wisdom, which way He does whatever in the many appropriate means in the finest place and time.
47الْوَدُودُAL-WADOODThe most LovingThe One that is the source of all love and also affection. His Love is intense, constant and lasting. Al-Wadood is the One that is deserving of every love and also affection! Al-Wadood loves the believers and the believers love Him an ext than anything.
48الْمَجِيدُAL-MAJEEDThe Glorious, The most HonorableThe One Whose essence is the perfection the majesty and glory. He is dignified, glorious end exceedingly generous. Al-Majeed is the only One that deserves all praise and also honor due to His excellence in both His Being and Actions.
49الْبَاعِثُAL-BA’ITHThe Resurrector, The Raiser of the DeadThe One that resurrects His slaves after fatality for reward and/or punishment.
50الشَّهِيدُASH-SHAHEEDThe All- and also Ever WitnessingThe One that is ever before observing everything and also everyone that created. The One who witnesses the seen and also the unseen, all actions and also even thoughts and intentions and also He is the ultimate Witness on the work of Judgement.
51الْحَقُّAL-HAQQThe pure TruthThe One that is the the and truly-existing. His significance is the only reality and also He is the One through whom the truth, every righteousness and also justice are revealed. His Word, Actions, Reward, Punishment and Promise room the truth.
52الْوَكِيلُAL-WAKEELThe Trustee, The Disposer that AffairsThe One who have the right to be entrusted v all affairs. That is the can be fried Trustee, guardian and also administrator of all things and we can trust in the truth that Al-Wakeel will administer the perfect resolution for every matter.
53الْقَوِيُّAL-QAWIYYThe All-StrongThe One that is past all weakness. His toughness is supreme. Unlimited and inexhaustible. Before Him the toughness of something or any type of one is insignificant and so does the greatness of any one hosted as great.
54الْمَتِينُAL-MATEENThe Firm, The SteadfastThe One with good firmness. He is the owner of every strength and His nature is the utmost firmness and steadfastness. He is the One who can quickly overcome anything v supreme firmness and also strength of determination.
55الْوَلِيُّAL-WALIYYThe Protecting AssociateThe Protecting Friend, Patron, and Supporter.
56الْحَمِيدُAL-HAMEEDThe PraiseworthyThe One who is praised and is praiseworthy. That is the just One that deserves each manner that praise, honour and also thanks because that His innate qualities and also not only for certain favours.
57الْمُحْصِيAL-MUHSEEThe All-Enumerating, The CounterThe One who the count of things are recognized to Him.
58الْمُبْدِئُAL-MUBDIThe Originator, The InitiatorThe One who started the human being.
59الْمُعِيدُAL-MU’IDThe Restorer, The ReinstaterThe One that brings earlier the creatures ~ death.
60الْمُحْيِيAL-MUHYEEThe Giver the LifeAl-Muhyee is the just One who can carry something to life. He creates from nothing and also surrounds all with the right problems to endure until the decrees life to end. Climate He resurrects life on the day of Judgement and all of this is basic for Him.
61اَلْمُمِيتُAL-MUMEETThe Bringer that Death, the DestroyerThe One who makes the living dead.
62الْحَيُّAL-HAYYThe Ever-LivingThe One who has a continuous life through no beginning or end. His Life with all His attributes are perfect finish there is no finish to His existence. The was before all else, therefore shall He continue to be throughout countless time.
63الْقَيُّومُAL-QAYYOOMThe Sustainer, The Self-SubsistingThe One that is created on His Own and also by whom all things subsist. The sustains, protects and oversees. The provides, preserves, watches and also manages all the exists. He demands no food nor drink, because that He is the One who feeds but is no fed. That is absolutely cost-free of any need from all of the creation.
64الْوَاجِدُAL-WAAJIDThe PerceiverThe Finder, the Unfailing
65الْمَاجِدُAL-MAAJIDThe Illustrious, the MagnificentThe Glorious, He that is most Glorious.
66الْواحِدُAL-WAAHIDThe OneThe One who is distinct in His essence and He has actually no second, no partner, peer or rival. The is the one resource from which all of the production springs forth.
67اَلاَحَدُAL-AHADThe Unique, The only OneThe One who is distinctive in both His essence and also attributes. There is nobody or nothing choose Him and also He was, is and will forever it is in the unparalleled amid indivisible only One.
68الصَّمَدُAS-SAMADThe Eternal, Satisfier that NeedsThe One that is eternal, unaffected and also unchanged. He is the One that can accomplish each need in a method He to know is best, while he is without any kind of needs. That is the One ~ above who all of the development depends, while He counts on no one.
69الْقَادِرُAL-QADEERThe Capable, The PowerfulThe One who has perfect, finish Power and also Ability. By the power of Al-Qadeer the production is lugged into being, life and also death is given and also by His power the resurrection and also recompense will certainly be established.
70الْمُقْتَدِرُAL-MUQTADIRThe OmnipotentThe One whose can is an excellent and with His overwhelming power Al-Muqtadir controls all His creatures. That subdues everyone and also everything in His domain. His decree prevails in every situation.
71الْمُقَدِّمُAL-MUQADDIMThe Expediter, The PromoterAl-Muqaddim, Al-Mu’akhkhir is the One who puts points in their right places. He provides ahead what he wills and delays what that wills.
72الْمُؤَخِّرُAL-MU’AKHKHIRThe Delayer, the RetarderAl-Muqaddim, Al-Mu’akhkhir is the One that puts points in their right places. He provides ahead what he wills and delays what he wills.
73الأوَّلُAL-AWWALThe FirstThe One who is the an initial and foremost. He to be before every one of the creation and the reason of every little thing in existence.
74الآخِرُAL-AAKHIRThe LastThe One who is the last and also the ultimate. He is the One who continues to be after the development perishes and the One beyond whom there is nothing.
75الظَّاهِرُAZ-DHAAHIRThe ManifestThe One that nothing is over Him and nothing is under Him, therefore He exist without a place. He, The Exalted, His visibility is apparent by proofs and also He is clear from the delusions of characteristics of bodies.
76الْبَاطِنُAL-BAATINThe covert One, Knower the the HiddenThe One that cannot be viewed in the means the production can be seen. That is the One from whom nothing is hidden and who surrounds all things. That knows even the inside states, yet He is veiled native the creation’s perception.
77الْوَالِيAL-WAALIThe Governor, The PatronThe One that owns things and manages them.
78الْمُتَعَالِيAL-MUTA’ALIThe self ExaltedThe One that is clean from the attributes of the creation.
79الْبَرُّAL-BARRThe source of Goodness, the type BenefactorThe One whose kind and also gracious kindness is bestowed top top the creation. That is the doer the all great and all great deeds come indigenous Him.
80التَّوَابُAT-TAWWABThe Ever-Pardoning, The RelentingThe One that grants repentance to whoever he willed amongst His creatures and accepts your repentance.
81الْمُنْتَقِمُAL-MUNTAQIMThe AvengerThe One that victoriously prevails end His enemies and punishes castle for their sins. The One that destroys them.
82العَفُوُّAL-‘AFUWWThe PardonerThe One that eliminates sins and also faults. He is the One that not just forgives sins, however can totally blot out and also make any type of mistake, error or sin disappear whenever he wishes.
83الرَّؤُوفُAR-RA’OOFThe many KindThe One that bestows utmost soft mercy on the creation. The is the One whose compassion, affection, kindness and tenderness are past understanding.
84مَالِكُ الْمُلْكِMAALIK-UL-MULKMaster of the Kingdom, Owner the the DominionThe One that owns and rules all of the creation. He is the One who has the authority and also power come rule, command and also decide because that the worlds and also everything they contain.
85ذُوالْجَلاَلِ وَالإكْرَامِDHUL-JALAALI WAL-IKRAAMPossessor the Glory and Honour, lord of Majesty and GenerosityThe One who is the majestic Possessor and also Lord of all generosity. He is the One that is the owner the every attribute the glory, honour and also bounty.
86الْمُقْسِطُAL-MUQSITThe Equitable, the RequiterThe One that is just in His Judgement.
87الْجَامِعُAL-JAAMI’The Gatherer, the UniterThe One who unites and also gathers together. He is the One who assembles with each other which had actually been dispersed, composes and connects similar things and also opposites and also gathers with each other mankind ~ above the day of Judgement.
88الْغَنِيُّAL-GHANIYYThe Self-Sufficient, The WealthyThe One who is without need of anything. He is the One that is fully independent and the whole development depends top top His wealth. The is in no need of any help or assist of anything or anyone, yet all space in need of Him.
89الْمُغْنِيAL-MUGHNIThe EnricherThe One who satisfies the necessities of the creatures.
90اَلْمَانِعُAL-MANI’The WithholderThe Shielder, the Defender.
91الضَّارَّAD-DHARRThe DistresserAd-Dharr, An-Nafi’ is the One who makes harm reach to whoever the willed and also benefit to whoever that willed.
92النَّافِعُAN-NAFI’The Propitious, the BenefactorAd-Dharr, An-Nafi’ is the One who makes harm reach come whoever he willed and benefit to whoever he willed.
93النُّورُAN-NURThe Light, The IlluminatorThe One who is Light and also has produced light He inserted in the heavens and earth come lighten them. An-Nur is likewise the One who illuminates the understanding of the believers v knowledge, faith and guidance.
94الْهَادِيAL-HAADIThe GuideThe One that is the resource of guidance. The is the One who sent out prophets and also messengers to guide mankind, travel guide the senses and hearts and directs His servants to the directly Path.
95الْبَدِيعُAL-BADEE’The Incomparable OriginatorAl-Badee’ is the unique Originator. The is the One who incomparable power originates, invents and also brings into existence all of the unique development without following any kind of prior model or unlike any similarity come anything that ever before existed.
96اَلْبَاقِيAL-BAAQIThe Ever-Surviving, The EverlastingThe One that the state of non-existence is impossible for Him.
97الْوَارِثُAL-WAARITHThe Inheritor, The HeirAl-Waarith is the supreme Heir. He is the One come whom all creatures return. Every possessions go back to Him as soon as their possessor is gone and also it is the who remains after the whole development has perished.
98الرَّشِيدُAR-RASHEEDThe Guide, Infallible TeacherThe overview to the ideal Path, The One who guides.

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99الصَّبُورُAS-SABOORThe Forbearing, The PatientThe One who does not conveniently punish the sinners.

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