Everyone is welcome at A wider Circle; there are no eligibility or referral requirements. Our “no not correct door” method ensures the everyone who pertains to us is met with compassion and served in a dignified and also respectful environment. We meet each human being we serve wherein they are — identifying challenges, providing comprehensive support, and pursuing remedies together.

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This holistic strategy paves the means to jae won self-sufficiency, wade alongside each individual and also family we serve to work toward a typical goal — finishing poverty.

For countless of those offered by A wider Circle, the journey out of poor starts through a furnished home. Every day we hear from families in their an initial ever homes, frequently after leave homelessness or fleeing residential abuse. With our Essential support Program we administer 10–15 households each day with beds, dressers, dining sets, couches, and an ext — all cost-free of charge.

Our Workforce development Program uses job seekers individualized support, concentrating on an abilities and resources an important to securing stable employment and also financial stability, consisting of career counseling, labor sector navigation, networking, and emotional intelligence skill-building. Project seekers can additionally visit our Professional breakthrough Center, whereby we provide professional clothing to wear to interviews or to their new job in ~ no charge.

Through our Neighborhood tandem Program, neighborhoods invite A wider Circle to collaborate and also develop a permanent presence because we hear carefully and forge lasting, trusting partnerships. Based at our Ward 8 Hub in DC’s Washington Highlands neighborhood, we occupational with residents to develop service menus that address needs particular to each community. Choose services encompass workforce advancement workshops, health and wellness programming, family enrichment, assistance to resident leader for ar engagement, microgrants for community-led initiatives, and more.

For those we serve, our job-related is not around a particular program, service, or product. That is around love, hope, and also connection through a neighborhood that seeks for castle the same avenues that we look for for our very own families.

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The engagement that the broader community has sustained A more comprehensive Circle’s influence from the start. You can assist us accomplish our mission by getting involved today.


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