It’s been a while since we discussed 7th Dragon III Code: VFD’s very first four classes. Here’s a refresher. When the video game begins, you only have accessibility to the Agent, Duelist, God-Hand, and Samurai classes. Every one has actually something that a twin nature, meaning there’s a lot an ext diversity 보다 you’d originally expect. Together you make your method through the Nintendo 3DS game, the added four class unlock. While the would have been great to have every one of these added options obtainable at once, they offer you a ring of donate classes, then incredibly powerful ones.

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I’m going to go ahead and also start with the Fortuner, because it’s one of my pure favorite 7th Dragon III Code: VFD classes. This guy or gal is going come be casting all type of status effects on the enemy, while concurrently buffing your allies. The Fortuner also has few of the ideal automatic skills in the game. Investing in grace of the Sun, elegant of the Moon, and also Grace the the Stars is essential. Grace of the Sun has a chance of automatically restoring a part of the entire party’s mana at the end of a turn, with an ext restored relying on how plenty of points did you do it put right into the skill. Grace of the Moon may instantly cure the entire party’s ailments. Elegant of the Stars will offer you 1.5 SP if you success in two turns after that triggers. All 3 are good and absent in reasonably regularly.


What you want to do an initial with a Fortuner is max the end the skills that will aid your party. This way the 2 regenerative skills, forest Poetry and also Moonlight Poetry. The previous heals a details amount of wellness for a set number of turns, if the last does the exact same with mana. Mana float reduces everyone’s mana cost to zero for one turn. Dynamic Negate and Magic Negate mitigate the amount of physical or magical damages dealt each turn. Personally, ns recommend casting Dynamic Negate in ~ the start of a major fight, because it large 3 turns. Then, actors Forest Poetry, i m sorry lasts 5 turns when maxed. Moonlight city is a an excellent choice for the 3rd move, or Magic Negate if the enemy uses magic. Save repeating so the protective buffs remain, only periodically swapping in Revelation ability that’ll transaction damage and possibly inflict an ailment on an foe when every buffs room in place.


The Revelation skills are really a bonus because that Fortuners. They’re there for when you aren’t buffing and, given the nature of this skills, i recommend just maxing out 2 of them. This is why. Every of the Revelation skills inflicts damage and also has a chance of infecting an foe with a particular effect. The odds of that standing being conferred rises the higher its level. Personally, i maxed out Revelation: Bleed, which has a chance of causing bleed, and also Revelation: Poison, which could poison one enemy. Each has a chance of dealing damage each rotate and method you might teach the Fortuner Oracle that Power, i m sorry drains any enemy with the bleed, burn, freeze, or poison status effect. Due to the fact that there room so many skills and skill points have the right to be tedious come earn, you want to be economical.




The various other supportive course is the Rune Knight. Please, bear through me through this one. Rune Knights room my the very least favorite course in the game. It’s a course designed to defend allies, while additionally enchanting weapons and also dealing significant damage if you’re ready to take it risks. It’s basically a combination of a Dark Knight and also Paladin. (Bonus point out if you name her Rune article Cecil!)


With a Rune Knight, you’ll desire to start by maxing out the skills that will store your allies alive. That method the Knight’s Grace the restores all allies’ health and also Knight’s Gaze that cures varying levels of ailments from all allies depending upon its level. The magic defense an enhancing Aura Shield is likewise handy. If you’re going for a paladin build, make certain Life Oath, i beg your pardon boosts health for one battle and also Clench, which allows you endure one deadly blow, are learned. Provoke rises enmity, to try and get enemies to target the character only. Instead of is many important, together it increases the Rune Knight’s defenses temporarily, while also blocking single-target assaults launched in ~ party members.


Even though ns not making use of my Rune Knight come the best of his abilities, ns can’t recommend using one as a major damage dealer enough. Knight’s pride is great, together it’ll have the character counter assault when he drops in battle. Vengeful knife is exceptional for when health is low, as the weaker the personality is, the higher the damage. Plus, it can inflict bleed! Brave Sword cut your life by half, handle varying quantities of wonder damage based on how much life you’ve lost when using the skill. However, Berserk is best. That lasts for three turns and also increases magical attack and also speed, while additionally sending the Rune Knight right into a frenzy. The character will recklessly strike all enemies throughout the period, completely out of your control.




The Banisher is the man or festival you lug in for fighting dragons. (It was recognized as the Vanisher in Japan, as you have the right to see from the art above.) Really, that’s all I ever use mine for. See, they’re simply so an excellent at it. Few of their an abilities specifically state they’re effective versus dragons. Though, they’re amazing for crowd regulate too, as numerous of their skills hit every foe on the field and also even inflict burn damage.


But first, lets talk about Banishers banishing dragons. You want them using bombs anytime possible, which way maxing out Bomb Bonus therefore the character have the right to have up to seven bombs stocked. Auto-Reload, i beg your pardon may automatically reload bombs, and Reload, which allows you invest a revolve reloading a certain variety of bombs, are likewise essential. Because some the the best attacks use many bombs, you require these skills. Yes sir no debating that.


Now, let’s talk carnage. First, the character requirements Comet Spear. That a jumping strike with random damage that’s effective against dragons. Then give the Banisher Exterminate. It’s an automatic skill that may reason three times fire damage against all adversaries when a fight begins. Follow that up with Dragon Buster, an assault that hits every enemies and is also strong against dragons. From there, battle Cry, an automatic ability that may raise the Banisher’s attack and defense for three turns when battle begins is handy. Round that out through either Clap catch or Carpet Bomb, 2 bomb-based assaults that both hit all enemies and also have a possibility of burning them, and you’ll it is in set. Though, the high damage attack Spear is good if you want to deal major damage to a solitary foe.




Finally, yes the Mage. Because that me, the Mage is a huge disappointment. This character has some remarkable elemental spells that deal extraordinary level of damage to foes, merged with three of the finest healing spells in the game. Except, it’s among the last classes friend get. So, by the time you have actually one, friend probably already have a Duelist dealing with your magical needs and also God-Hand or Rune items healing.


Mages make good healers. They find out Cure, which deserve to target one allied or every allies. The more skill points you put into it, the much more health that restores. Recover have the right to remove ailments native allies, through the max level curing every possible ailment. Resurrect is the best resurrection spell in the game and, at its max level, renders it choose the allied it’s healing never died in the an initial place. It also has Flame, Freeze, and Shock Veils that safeguard one ally for 5 turns and also perform a fire, ice, or electric counter attack versus any foe that dares attack them.

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The Mage’s element spells are amazing too. They have six, 2 for each element. One variation only strikes a solitary foe, while the other strikes all opponents on the field. Flame, Freeze, and also Shock are the spells that only hit solitary enemies, while Volcano, Blizzard, and Volt Storm hit all enemies. Specializing in at the very least two aspects is the smartest thing to do. It may even be wise to have one Mage that only focuses on damaging enemies, and another who’d completely committed to healing.


While it might take a bit much more time obtaining these later on classes accustomed to her party and fitting them into your created strategies, the Fortuner, Rune Knight, Banisher, and Mage are also amazingly beneficial characters. The Fortuner and also Rune Knight execute a wonderful job of sustaining your party if still dealing damage, if the Banisher and Mage are qualified of coming right into a fight and easily punishing every enemy. Give them part time; you’ll discover the appropriate warriors and also wizards!