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A couple of weeks ago, i bought around $350 the boxes and moving offers from U-Haul off their website, and also per your advertisements and website, i bought plenty of boxes because they insurance they will buy earlier any unused crate as lengthy as you carry a copy of her receipt. So about a week ago, I borrowed a friend"s car and also lugged a bunch that extra boxes come the U-Haul in Chelsea. I gave the woman at the respond to the boxes and my receipt and also naively supposed them come refund the expense of the boxes (about $80). But after typing various things right into the computer for 20 minutes, the woman claimed she couldn"t refund the money there is no a ""contract number"" which can have to be on a yellow pack slip that came v the boxes. I told her ns didn"t watch a packing slip in the boxes, and also had no idea what my contract number was. And also no, i didn"t conserve the boxes the boxes come in since they were large and easily would take it up fifty percent my living room. Plus their internet site says an extremely plainly they insurance they"ll buy back the boxes v a copy that the receipt, and I pointed at the item of record with ""Order Receipt"" printed at the top. I asked her if she could look up the contract number using my bespeak number, and she responded ""no, sorry, our system doesn"t job-related like that."" She then claimed the only thing I might do was lug the boxes ago another day as soon as their corporate customer service line was obtainable (it to be a Sunday).Now because I don"t own a car, in order to bring earlier the boxes, I would certainly have had to rental a vehicle to lug them back, which would have actually cost much more than the refund. After ~ a lot of of ago and forth v various civilization in the store, one woman lastly took pity ~ above my and told me I might leave the crate there along with a copy of mine receipt, and I could call back the following day once the national Customer company line was accessible to help and we"d try to clear it up then. For this reason the following day, I dubbed up the nationwide Customer service line, and also the guy told me, ""Oh, the contract number and also the order number are the same number. They should have known that at the store. Just call them and tell lock to speak to this number if lock have any type of trouble processing your refund."" So i proceeded to call the store and also explained my story come the woman who answered. She sounded annoyed, and asked why castle didn"t just procedure the refund while ns was there the vault day. Ns told her ns tried but no one in the save knew exactly how to perform it so might they please process it now. She said I"d require to carry in the boxes and copy of my receipt to perform that. I told her the store had actually the boxes and the receipt and gave her the surname of the person at the keep who take it the boxes and receipt from me, to which she comment she"d have to look into it and would speak to me back. Well, she never called back. Nor did the human I talked to in ~ the store a pair days later, or the one i talked come a day after that. So in ~ this point, my hopes of getting my $80 earlier are alongside non-existent. U-Haul really shouldn"t advertising a guarantee it has actually no on purpose of honoring. And also I have actually a difficult time believing the keep couldn’t have discovered a method to refund mine money with the receipt I provided them if they will do really wanted to.UPDATE: Well, after ns posted this evaluation on Citisearch, someone from the Chelsea U-Haul finally dubbed me back. Lock are currently refunding the money because that the boxes i returned, for this reason it"s a happy finishing after all and I"ve upgraded the rating to 2 stars indigenous 1 (I tho think they might have uncovered a method to deal with it the day ns was there and also I shouldn"t have had actually to make multiple calls to the store to solve it).