The Courthouse which can be uncovered at 436 give Street was set up in 1884 under the direction the Henry Hobson Richardson. The present courthouse is in reality the 3rd courthouse the Allegheny County. The first of i beg your pardon was constructed of wood was changed in 1841 through a lot sturdier structure made that gray sandstone. The poor construction bring about corrosion led to by charcoal smoke. In the spring of 1882, a fire broke out and ruined the building. The present courthouse is built with large rusticated blocks of granite making because that a heavy, stable dignified appearance.

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Civil Division, situated at 414 give Street, City County building 7th and 8th floor.

The Civil division cases indicate Mortgage foreclosures, Landlord tenant issues, name changes, medical Malpractice, vehicle accidents, Slip and also fall accidents, credit Card blame etc.

Sheriff Deputies are on the 7th and 8th floor come ensure the there is no conflict between parties of any type of kind. The Sheriff"s Office does maintain a level of security awareness in the civil division.

Civil Court frequently Asked questions


It is the duty of Criminal Court to adjudicate all criminal charges lugged in Allegheny County. The function of the Sheriff in the Criminal Court device is vital one. Deputy Sheriffs space assigned come courtrooms and have the duty of keeping custody of incarcerated defendants who are forced to show up before the Court.

In many cases much more than one Deputy might be compelled to preserve security, depending on the specific circumstances of every individual trial. At times, as plenty of as a dozen deputies have actually been assigned to a Courtroom.

Criminal Court typically Asked Questions


(The Allegheny county Criminal Courthouse)


The Adult ar of household Court, located at 440 Ross Street, Pittsburgh, has jurisdiction in family matters which involve such types of situations as non-support of spouses, indigent parents and also children, complaints of custody or visitation rights, divorces and also annulments and also protection native abuse.

Sheriff"s deputies provide security in all courtrooms and also counseling offices, and they process, detain and escort to court all people who have been arrested by the Sheriff"s Office, or those that respond come a notice by the Sheriff to show up in court.

This area of the Court is a really sensitive one due to the nature that the situations which carry individuals come the Court. Emotions normally run high, and also tempers are conveniently ignited in such an atmosphere. Because that this reason, Deputies assigned come this section are selected for your abilities to practice tact and understanding in the power of their duties.

For the exact same reasons, the Sheriff"s Office maintains a high level of defense awareness in this division. All persons beginning the family Court framework are forced to first pass v a security checkpoint, including a walk-through metal detector.

Family Court commonly Asked Questions


This branch that the Court handles situations involving people under the period of 18.

Deputies assigned to youth Court room responsible because that the transport of in-custody juveniles in between Shuman Center and also the Court, which is situated in the family members Court Facility, 440 Ross Street, Pittsburgh. In addition to maintaining the safety and security of all Court participants, deputy sheriffs also transport juveniles to and from miscellaneous detention facilities throughout Pennsylvania

Juvenile Court commonly Asked Questions


(The Allegheny County family members Division facility - family & juvenile Courts)


The Sheriff’s Office has the responsibility to administer security services to “Night Court” in the Municipal courts Building.

During common Monday v Friday working hours, police officers external the City that Pittsburgh take it arrested persons come the local District Justice for arraignment. During all various other hours and on weekends, police policemans take arrested persons to Night Court for arraignment. Night Court is at this time located in the Municipal Courts structure in downtown Pittsburgh.

The Municipal Courts structure opened in mid-December 1995. Tenants encompass Arraignment Court, City Court, residential Violence Court, real estate Court, Night Court, web traffic Court, the City Police Radio Room and also ID Administration.

Night Court is administered by the County and was allocated space under terms of a 1991 participation Agreement in between the City, the County, the URA and the publicly Parking Authority.

In July 1995, the Pennsylvania supreme Court compelled all counties to administer 24-hour arraignment services. Night Court meets the problems of the Court’s order.

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It to be agreed the the ar would carry out security arrangements because that Night Court. Security contains security within the courtrooms, security in deliver of arrested persons during the arraignment process, and an initial response in the occasion of an emergency or disturbance. Inasmuch together the Sheriff’s Office is the traditional law enforcement arm of the courts, this duty was provided to the Sheriff’s Office from 4:00 pm to 8:00 to be on Monday through Friday, and also 24-hours a job on all weekends and holidays.

Municipal Court generally Asked Questions


Under special circumstances the Sheriff"s Office may be required to administer security in Orphans Court, or come present prior to the Court people who space to be taken into consideration for involuntary, court-ordered commitment to miscellaneous hospitals or institutions, or that are showing up in cases where a determination will certainly be made regarding adult competency or the termination of parental rights.