Exponents Calculator or e calculator is supplied in solving exponential creates of expressions. The is also known as increased to the strength calculator.

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Properties of index number calculator:

This calculator solves bases with both negative exponents and also positive exponents. It likewise provides a action by step technique with precise answer.

What is one exponent?

An exponent is a little number located in the upper, right-hand place of one exponential expression (base exponent), which indicates the power to which the base of the expression is raised.

The exponent the a number mirrors you how plenty of times the number is come be supplied in a multiplication. Exponents execute not have to be numbers or constants; they deserve to be variables.

They are regularly positive whole numbers, yet they deserve to be an unfavorable numbers, spring numbers, irrational numbers, or complicated numbers. The is written as a small number come the best and over the base number.


There space basically two types of exponents.

Positive exponent

A confident exponent tells how many times a number is essential to be multiplied by itself. Use our exponent calculator to settle your questions.

Negative exponent

A an unfavorable exponent to represent which fraction of the base, the systems is. Come simplify exponents with strength in the form of fractions, use our exponent calculator.


Calculate the exponent because that the 3 elevated to the strength of 4 (3 come the strength of 4).

It method = 34


3*3*3*3 = 81

4 come the third power = 81

Therefore the exponent is 81

2 elevated to the power calculator.


What is the worth of exponent for 2 raise to power 9 (2 come the ninth power)

It way = 29


2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2 = 512

2 come the nine power = 512

Therefore the exponent is 512.


How perform you calculate the exponents of 5,6,7 come the power of 4?

It means = 54, 64, 74


5*5*5*5 = 625

6*6*6*6 = 1296

7*7*7*7 = 2401

Therefore the exponents space 625, 1296, 2401.

How to calculation the nth strength of a number?

The nth power of a base, let’s to speak “y”, method y multiplied to chin nth time. If we space to uncover the 5th power that y, that is y*y*y*y*y.

Some other solutions for the nth power calculator are in the following table.

0.1 to the power of 3 0.00100
0.5 to the power of 3 0.12500
0.5 come the power of 4 0.06250
1.2 come the strength of 4 2.07360
1.02 come the 10th power 1.21899
1.03 to the 10th power 1.34392
1.2 to the strength of 5 2.48832
1.4 come the 10th power 28.92547
1.05 to the strength of 5 1.27628
1.05 to the 10th power 1.62889
1.06 come the 10th power 1.79085
2 to the 3rd power 8
2 to the strength of 3 8
2 elevated to the power of 4 16
2 come the power of 6 64
2 to the strength of 7 128
2 to the nine power 512
2 come the tenth power 1024
2 come the 15th power 32768
2 to the 10th power 1024
2 come the power of 28 268435456
3 to the strength of 2 9
3 to the 3 power 27
3 to the 4 power 81
3 to the 8th power 6561
3 come the 9th power 19683
3 come the 12th power 531441
3 to what power amounts to 81 34
4 come the power of 3 64
4 come the power of 4 256
4 come the strength of 7 16384
7 come the strength of 3 343
12 come the 2nd power 144
2.5 to the power of 3 15.625
12 come the strength of 3 1728
10 exponent 3 1000
24 to the second power (242) 576
10 to the strength of 3 1000
3 come the strength of 5 243
6 come the strength of 3 216
9 come the power of 3 729
9 come the power of 2 81
10 come the power of 5 100000

Exponent Rules:

Learning the exponent rules along with log rules deserve to make maths really basic for understanding. There space 7 exponent rules.

Zero residential property of exponent:

It means if the strength of a basic is zero then the worth of the equipment will be 1.

Example: simplify 50.

In this question, the strength of base is zero, climate according to the zero residential or commercial property of exponents, the price of this non zero base is 1. Hence,

50= 1

negative Property of exponent:

It method when the power of base is a an adverse number, climate after multiplying we will have actually to uncover the mutual of the answer.

Example: simplify 13-2.

We will first make the power hopeful by taking reciprocal.


32 = 9

Product residential property of exponent:

When 2 exponential expressions having the same non zero base and also different powers are multiplied, then their powers are included over the exact same base.

Example: deal with (26)(22).

As that is obvious, bases are the same so powers are to it is in added. Now

(26)(22) = 26+2

28 =2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2


Quotient building of exponent:

It is the contrary of the product building of exponent. When two exact same bases having different exponents are forced to it is in divided, then their powers space subtracted.

Example: simplify 37 /32

37/ 32=37-2


= 243

power of a power Property:

When one exponent expression further has power, then firstly you must multiply the powers and also then fix the expression.

Example: Solve: ( x2)3.

Keeping in watch the strength of power property of exponents, we will certainly multiply powers.


= x6

power of a product property:

When a product the bases is elevated to some power, the bases will possess the power separately.

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Example: Simplify (4*5)2


= 400

strength of a Quotient Property:

It is the exact same as the power of a product property. Power belongs independently to both the numerator and denominator.