CAS No. 6094-02-6 chemical Name: 2-METHYL-1-HEXENE Synonyms 2-BUTYLPROPENE;n-C4H9C(CH3)=CH2;2-METHYL-1-HEXENE;2-methyl-hex-1-ene;TIMTEC-BB SBB009068;1-Hexene, 2-methyl-;2-Methyl-1-hexene>2-METHYL-1-HEXENE 97%;2-Methyl-1-hexene,98%;1-butyl-1-methylethylene CBNumber: CB4382962 molecule Formula: C7H14 Formula Weight: 98.19 MOL File: 6094-02-6.mol

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melting point: -102.87°C cook point: 92 °C (lit.) density 0.697 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.) vapor density 1 (vs air) refractive table of contents n20/D 1.403(lit.) flash point: 20 °F storage temp. Flammables area BRN 1732738 CAS DataBase referral 6094-02-6(CAS DataBase Reference) FDA UNII V54TLV711M
Symbol(GHS) Signal word danger statements preventive statements hazard Codes threat Statements safety and security Statements RIDADR WGK Germany HazardClass PackingGroup
UN 2287 3/PG 2

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Chemical Properties

clear colourless fluid

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Global( 45)Suppliers Belgium 1 China 20 Europe 1 Germany 2 India 1 Japan 3 Switzerland 1 united kingdom 3 United claims 13 worldwide 45 China 96815 76 TCI (Shanghai) advancement Co., Ltd. 021-67121386 / 800-988-0390 021-67121385 Sales-CN China 24555 81 Energy chemistry 400-005-6266 021-58432009- 021-58436166 sales8178 China 43498 61 Shanghai Hanhong clinical Co.,Ltd. 021-54302127 021-54306202- China 43255 64 Tianjin heowns Biochemical an innovation Co., Ltd. 400 638 7771 sales China 14457 57 Jiangsu Aikon Biopharmaceutical R&D co.,Ltd. 17798518460 025-66099280- (1)02557626880 cfzhang China 21578 55 TOKYO CHEMICAL industry CO., LTD. 03-3668-0489 03-3668-0520 Sales-JP

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2-METHYL-1-HEXENE(6094-02-6) 13C NMR2-METHYL-1-HEXENE(6094-02-6) 1H NMR2-METHYL-1-HEXENE(6094-02-6) IR1
(-)-Phthalic mountain hydrogen 1-<(R)-2-methyl-4-hexene-3-yl> ester 3-Methyl-2-cyclohexen-1-one LINALYL ISOBUTYRATE (-)-PERILLALDEHYDE 1-Cyclohexene-1-carboxylic mountain (-)-DIHYDROCARVYL ACETATE DIHYDROCARVEOL beta-Pinene (-)-VERBENONE 1,2,3,4,5,6-HEXAMETHYLBICYCLO<2.2.0>HEXA-2,5-DIENE 1,4,5,8,9,10-Hexahydroanthracene cis-VERBENOL Methyl 1-cyclohexene-1-carboxylate ISOPULEGYL ACETATE 1-PHENYL-1-CYCLOHEXENE 1-ACETYL-1-CYCLOHEXENE ALPHA-PINENE 2-CARENE
2-METHYL-1-HEXENE 2-BUTYLPROPENE UNSYM-BUTYLMETHYLETHYLENE TIMTEC-BB SBB009068 2-methyl-hex-1-ene n-C4H9C(CH3)=CH2 1-butyl-1-methylethylene 2-Methyl-1-hexene,98% 2-METHYL-1-HEXENE 97% 2-METHYL-1-HEXENE, 97%2-METHYL-1-HEXENE, 97%2-METHYL-1-HEXENE, 97%2-METHYL-1-HEXENE, 97% 2-Methyl-1-hexene> 1-Hexene, 2-methyl- 2-METHYL-1-HEXENE ISO 9001:2015 with 6094-02-6 6094-2-6 6094026 CH3CH23CCH3CH2 Organic building Blocks Acyclic Alkenes building Blocks Acyclic Alkenes Organic building Blocks

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