The department of motor Vehicles’ Granada Hills office situated at 16201 san Fernando Mission Blvd. Will certainly close its doors Sept. 27, according to state officials.

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The brand-new office will open on Oct. 7 at 11623 Glenoaks Blvd. In Pacoima.

Marty Greenstein, a spokesman for the DMV, wrote in an e-mail that the facility is relocating come Pacoima because the lease in Granada Hills is expiring and also not getting renewed.

“The DMV functioned diligently to determine a adjacent location that could accommodate a similar variety of employees, service windows and also customers,” that wrote.

Both offices are what officials speak to Driver License handling Centers, meaning they only handle driver license and identification card transactions, follow to Greenstein.

Like Granada Hills, the Pacoima office will certainly be open six job a week, consisting of 8 a.m. Come 5 p.m. Every Saturday.

During the shift to the brand-new office, visitors can visit DMV offices in van Nuys, Winnetka and Newhall.

Visitors will be maybe to use for a genuine ID at the center. The U.S. Room of Homeland security will need passengers who take trip within the U.S. To show REAL ID after ~ Oct. 1, 2020.

To use for a actual ID card, visitors have to visit a DMV office and also bring numerous documents, including passport or bear certificate, your social defense number and proof that residency such as utility bill or bank statement.

A finish list the acceptable documents is easily accessible at

The Granada Hills office opened in 2014 to accomplish a large demand from immigrant driving without a license after Gov. Jerry Brown signed abdominal muscle 60 into law in 2013, allowing immigrants to apply for a California driver’s patent regardless of your legal standing.

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