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The Clark county Probate Court is overseeing the administration of the heritage of Stephen Paddock, the October 1 gunman. Paddock eliminated himself after death 58 chaste people and also then himself on October 1, 2017. Paddock own two homes at the time of his death, one in Reno, and another located at 1372 Babbling Brook Ct. Mesquite, NV 89034.

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Nevada probate regulation directs real property to be marketed in probate or dispersed to the heirs. The Court will certainly pay prior to heirs. Each family members of a victim is a potential creditor that the estate of Stephen Paddock. Each such family members has a insurance claim that most likely dwarfs the assets of the estate. Thus, the is certain the Court will not distribute any kind of assets to Paddock’s heirs.

Nevada Probate genuine Estate Sales

The Administrator the the Estate has actually the duty come list, sell and liquidate the 2 homes. In Nevada probate, the Administrator enters into a contract v the buyer to market the actual property. The Administrator then files a petition with the Clark ar Probate Court come review and approve the sale. The petition must include an appraisal. The Administrator need to send an alert to every heirs, creditors and also interested people for their review. The Court will certainly then schedule and also hold a hearing. At the hearing, any kind of member that the public might offer a greater bid top top the building under the exact same terms together the contract. The Court will then sign an order marketing the home to the highest possible bidder.

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Outcome the Sale

In this case, the residence appraised because that $394,000.00 but ultimately sold for $425,000.00. Daniel R. Jones and also Bernadette A. Jones gone into into the original contract the was contained in the petition submitted to the Court. Nobody else verified up to the hearing to offer completing bids, as shown in the video. Provided the high-profile nature the the previous owner of the property, this is an optimal outcome because that the estate. Ultimately, the families of the victims will get the proceeds the the estate. Referee Gloria Sturman acknowledged as much, with satisfaction, at the end of the hearing: “I appreciate the initiatives made by the agents, this is great result because that the estate, and more importantly for the people who will advantage from the estate.”

1372 Babbling Brook CtMesquite, NV 89034. Photo courtesy of Zillow.com

Media Coverage

“Las las vegas Strip gunman’s house in Mesquite offered for $425K,” Eli Segal, las Vegas Review-Journal, 7 January 2019 

“In Mesquite, Nev., neighbors are shocked that the ras Vegas shooter lived among them,” Christopher Smart, Salt Lake Tribune, 3 October 2017

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