Enterprise Plaza, additionally known as 1100 Louisiana, is a 55-story, 750 ft skyscraper in ~ 1100Louisiana Street in downtown Houston. The headquarters of Enterprise commodities is located in the companies Plaza. Hines constructed Enterprise Plaza in 1980. That was marketed in 1985 to Capitol accuse Corporation that marketed it again to national Office Partners restricted Partnership. Hines genuine Estate bought the tower in January 2000. The structure contains a bank securities department, convenience shops, a restaurant, and a little auditorium top top the concourse level. The structure is comparable in cladding and type to the 555 California Street in mountain Francisco, which to be designed through the same architects. This was the tallest building in Texas native 1980-1982; exceeded by JPMorgan follow Tower in Houston. In 2007, the Monument au Fantme sculpture was relocated to discovery Green and also in the following year, the plaza was rebuilt to encompass trees, fountains & various other landscaping elements.

The major tenants right now in the building are Enbridge, enterprise Products, forest Oil Corporation, King & Spalding, and also Credit Suisse.

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Suite 501,718 sqftInquire because that pricing
Suite 356,546 sqftInquire for pricing
44A Suite8,350 sqftInquire because that pricing
Suite 2721,462 sqftInquire because that pricing
Suite 2422,331 sqftInquire for pricing
Suite 2822,710 sqftInquire for pricing
Suite 3322,807 sqftInquire for pricing
Suite 3222,807 sqftInquire for pricing
Suite 3622,942 sqftInquire for pricing
Suite 3722,975 sqftInquire for pricing
Suite 3022,976 sqftInquire for pricing
Suite 3122,982 sqftInquire because that pricing
Suite 3422,986 sqftInquire because that pricing
Suite 2922,988 sqftInquire because that pricing
Suite 3822,997 sqftInquire because that pricing


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